Trevor Corlett

Trevor’s work in coffee began in 2001 after falling in love with the culture of coffee shops while in school. That love grew after experiencing the joys of specialty coffee and resulted in years of professional growth while starting numerous cafes throughout the midwest. The fruits of all his challenges is the co-founding of Madcap in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2008. Trevor’s been competing in barista competitions since 2008, finishing in the top three in the North Central region for three consecutive years and finishing 2nd in the 2012 South East Regional. In 2011 he finished 4th in the US and was 8th in 2012.

Outside of Madcap, Trevor serves as the current Vice Chair for the Barista Guild of America, as a Lead Instructor for the SCAA, a subject matter expert in espresso for the SCAA, an Editorial Advisor for Barista Magazine, and a contributor to Fresh Cup Magazine. Trevor is currently living in the Washington, DC area, heading up Madcap’s DC expansion project as well as directing Madcap's retail operations. When not making coffee he can be found hanging out with his wife and three daughters.

Ryan Knapp

Ryan’s coffee career started in 2007 when he took a part-time job working for Trevor as a barista at Moon Monkey Coffee Company in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Immediately after starting as a barista, Ryan fell in love with preparing and brewing coffee for others. His passion swelled while studying in East Africa that fall, where he found tremendous inspiration by witnessing the lives that depend on the global coffee trade. Upon completion of his Bachelors Degree, he dedicated himself to coffee full-time, learning as much as he could through blogs, books, and a lot of practice. Soon, Ryan was shown the ropes of roasting and quickly fell in love with the process. The true romance began in the summer of 2008 when he spent a few weeks roasting dozens of two pound batches, making each one different than the last, tweaking one variable at a time to explore the possibilities and discover sweetness. Later that summer, he found himself moving to Grand Rapids to co-found Madcap with Trevor. Ryan has competed in five Regional and five US Barista Competitions since 2008. He received first place at the North Central Regional Barista Competition in 2011 and 2012, as well as the third place in the 2011 US Barista Competition. 

Ryan is responsible for developing the green coffee buying, roasting, and barista training programs at Madcap. His favorite part of the job is seeing the story from start to finish.  Ryan is a dual citizen of the Roasters Guild of America and the Barista Guild of America as well as a Lead Instructor of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. When he isn't working, Ryan enjoys mixing cocktails at home, cooking dinner with his wife, spending time outdoors, and being a self-proclaimed film critic.