2013 Varietal Series

Posted by Ryan Knapp

5 years ago, this summer, we began roasting the very first batches of Madcap coffee.  On that first day of roasting, we roasted El Porvenir, a Cup of Excellence winning coffee, farmed by Gloria Rodriguez.  I can still remember how clean, delicate and creamy this coffee was. As the coffee cooled down, the sweetness gradually increased - something I soon learned to be true in all exceptional coffee. El Porvenir began as a coffee that simply broadened our mind of what great coffee tasted like. Fortunately, since that summer of 2008, I've had the opportunity to visit El Salvador a handful of times and spend time with Gloria and her family.  Over time the excitement, partnership and ideas have continued to evolve.


Throughout my visits, something that has been a continual piece of fascination and study is the diversity of coffee varieties on the farms. On my first visit, I had the chance to taste individual separated varieties and see how each of the individual coffee trees produce unique flavor nuances in the cup.  Over the past few years I've continued to be amazed.  This led to the desire to give my coffee friends and everyday consumers the opportunity to experience what I've been experiencing.

So with extensive planning, separation, care and learning how to do unorthodox uber-micro lot export - we present the Madcap Varietal Series.  The Series gives the opportunity to experience 8 unique single varieties that are grown by our friends in Apaneca, El Salvador. The series includes everything from the original identified varieties, to mutations, hybrids and even a recently discovered and unknown cultivar. The line-up includes Caturra, Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Typica, Bourbon, Elefante and Pacas.  The series is a result of careful cultivation and processing of all 8 coffees that are grown in close proximity to one another between the elevation of 1,400-1,500 meters. All of the coffees are harvested ripe by hand, de-pulped, fermented, then fully washed and patio dried to properly highlight the nuance of each variety.


The package includes 45 grams of each coffee.  This is enough to flush your grinder and brew 24 oz. Or perhaps 2 smaller brews.  Only 150 Variety Series Packages are available.  The coffee will be roasted fresh and shipped out June 24, 2013. Tune in throughout the month for blog spots on each individual coffee variety that is being featured.  Buy Now!