While its true that the coffee is what makes Madcap so special, great art and design are just as important to tell the story of our attention to craftsmanship and detail. In 2009, Madcap approached designers Seth Herman and Chuck Anderson, two good friends and frequent collaborators, about re-envisioning the look, feel, and overall brand of Madcap from the ground up. As Seth and Chuck were already fans of Madcap's coffee, it only seemed natural to pursue the collaboration. Fast forward a few years later and the pair have helped establish Madcap as one of the speciality coffee industry's most instantly recognizable brands, from the black packaging with the woven label and pop of color to the lightning bolt to all the merchandise, photography, and design you see here on this site. Check out some of the features on Madcap's branding and design around the web on Thrillist & Behance PackagingServed

Seth Herman (Left)
Seth Herman is a designer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His clients range from local businesses to multinational corporations, including Madcap Coffee Company, CaseMate, and Reebok, resulting in a rich body of creative work encompassing identity design, retail display, product packaging, advertisements, books, film, web and interactive media. See more of Seth's work at and follow him on Twitter @IAmSethHerman

Chuck Anderson (Right)
Chuck Anderson is an artist and designer based in Chicago, IL. He started his studio NoPattern 2003 and has since worked for clients such as Microsoft, ESPN, and Target among others. Colorful, chaotic, and complex, Chuck's work is immediately recognizable and in 2010 he was named a 'Design Icon' by Computer Arts magazine. See more of Chuck's work at and follow him on Twitter @NoPattern