Every coffee has a story. At Madcap, it is our goal to tell that story from start to finish by highlighting the details. Before arriving in the cup, coffee travels an intricate and exacting path that, when traveled well, ensures the highest level of quality and sustainability. Every step is important, from the ripeness of coffee cherries when picked to the way the beans are milled and dried to the way it is shipped to our doorstep. Because of the delicate balance of specifics, it is imperative that we seek out direct and transparent relationships with coffee growing professionals throughout the world. Instead of simply labeling our coffee as “sustainable,” we have chosen to engage with the story further by exploring the uniqueness of each coffee. This way, we’re guaranteeing that each bag of Madcap coffee purchased was crafted with excellence. Directness and transparency are important to us. Since opening in 2008, we have been committed to buying coffee that is as closely aligned with our values as possible. All coffees on our menu can be traced directly back to the farm or cooperative where they were produced. All of our coffees have wage transparency. This is achieved by committing nearly a quarter of the year to traveling. We go to some of the most remote areas of the world to find the best coffee possible.

Our mission at Madcap is to find fantastic tasting coffee while building partnerships of trust and transparency so that year after year we continue to grow together. We believe that high quality must be paired with deeply rooted relationships along the entire supply chain, which includes growers, exporters, importers, and even ergonomists. We only buy from farms that are as committed to the craft of farming and processing as we are in the roasting and brewing of their coffee. As partners, new goals are developed with every new growing season to continue to improve the quality of the coffee produced. Currently, three-quarters of our coffee menu is made possible by multi-year relationships—whether they be with small farms—with a handful of these stretching back to our inception in 2008. Madcap offers 15-20 different coffees per year. To find those, we taste through thousands of coffees from across the world—sometimes even tasting hundreds of separations from a single farm or cooperative—to select a final product that we are proud to stand behind. We are confident these are coffees you will never forget.