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Las Aguas Altas

Guatemala $17.00 12 oz. bag
Tasting Notes
Chocolate, berries, round and vibrant.
Produced by
The Mendez Family
San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango
Pache, Cattura and Bourbon
1,500-1,750 masl
Washed and Dried on Patios
February-April 2013

Las Aguas Altas, “The High Waters,” hails from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Back for a third season, this farm is located in San Pedro Necta, an 8 hour drive from Guatemala City. We first bought from the Mendez family, the owners of Las Aguas Altas, in 2011. It was also the first year The Medez family - featuring Gabino, his younger brother Gilberto and thier nephew Francisco - directly sold coffee to a roaster. The operation is quaint and incredibly endearing. This past year we were able to deliver a bag of Las Aguas Altas to the Mendez family and it was the first time they saw their name on a bag of coffee. They were also able to drink their coffee for the first time without cream and sugar in it saying, "wow, it's not bitter!" In last year’s crop we are able to see the quality of cherry selection improve, which lent to an even sweeter and cleaner cup than the prior year. This past harvest, we turned our focused towards lot selection as the coffee they grow comes from 6 main areas. We dillegently tasted through all 6 of the areas and choose the 3 that were the sweetest and most vibrant to blend together this years version of the Las Aguas Altas.

The 1st year we bought coffee from the Mendez family we inquired about a name. Gabino, the oldest brother, responded, “I should probably name my farm shouldn’t I? Do you have any suggestions?” Our very own Production Roaster, Ben Baker-Jackson, named the farm after reminiscing about overlooking nature from the heights of coffee farms in the Huehuetenango region. This coffee produces clear richness with tart berries throughout.