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Sulawesi $18.50 12 oz. bag
(Original Price: $18.50)
Tasting Notes
Floral, delicate, deep, berries
Produced by
P.T. Toarco Jaya
Northern Toraja, Sulawesi (Indonesia)
S795 (Typica hybrid)
1,500 - 1,900 masl
Washed and Sun Dried on Patios
July - October 2012

Until 2008, all of Toarco (which stands for TOraja ARabica COffee) was sold to the Japanese market. At Madcap, we are proud to have been carrying the Toarco since its initial arrival in the U.S. This coffee has made us rethink every preconceived notion we’ve had about Indonesia as a producing country. It easily steps outside of the "earthy" box that coffees from Indonesia are often put into because of their lack of care and precision in picking and processing. Toarco breaks that mold! P.T. Toarco Jaya is a company that works with over 7,000 small coffee-growing families before diligently grading, separating, and processing the coffee using a washed method rather than the more common natural and pulped-natural process typically seen in Indonesia. This precise separation and carefully executed washed process retains the big body while highlighting outstanding floral and fruity notes in the final cup. The coffee at Toarco is screened and separated in a way similar to Kenya coffee with AA, AB, and Peaberry. This year at Madcap we are offering a lot made up of the AA beans, which are the largest screen size.  Last year, because of a double dose of rainfall, we were forced to take the year off from buying any Toarco as their production was down 70 percent. We are excited to have the coffee back in our line-up.