The MadCap Store - Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you use for shipping?

    Our standard shipping option is a $6 flat-rate through UPS SurePost.

    We offer other options through UPS Ground that are calculated during checkout for quicker transit time. 

  • When will the coffee ship?

    We roast Sunday through Thursday. Once you place your order, you can expect it to be roasted and shipped within 48 hours. Orders placed closer to the weekend may have to wait longer. 

  • How long will it take to get to me?

    Delivery time for UPS SurePost is dependent upon how far you are from Grand Rapids, Michigan but is anywhere from 1-6 days. We also offer 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air if you need your coffee to arrive sooner. Place your orders accordingly! Once your order is shipped you will recieve an email with your tracking number. 

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We do! If you have questions regarding your international order please feel free to email us at before you place your order.

  • Can I have the coffee ground?

    Of course you can. We strongly encourage you to grind your own coffee to achieve an optimum flavor experience but we will grind coffee on request. Select the appropriate grind in the shopping cart.

  • Why isn't there a light, medium or dark roast?

    All of our coffees are given a roast level that we feel brings out their best flavor. For us, roasting goes beyond color, which is why we focus more on sharing flavor profiles rather than information on the roast itself. The majority of our coffees are somewhere in the medium-light to medium roast range.

  • Are your coffees Fair Trade Certified or Direct Trade Certified?

    We are happy to answer, neither. We've developed a way of sourcing coffee that we really believe in and that we feel, at least for us, works better than Fair Trade or Direct Trade. Madcap spends time every year visiting our producers and building relationships on the farm level. We work closely with every link in the supply-chain to ensure that quality and sustainability are top priorities. When buying coffee from farms we haven't yet visited, we use well-established organizations to assist with sourcing that are aligned with our core beliefs and interest in transparency. So in essence, our coffees are both fairly traded and directly traded, just not certified.

  • Why can't I get the same coffees year around?

    Like all produce, coffee is seasonal. With our sights focused on quality, we purchase our coffee during harvest and only feature it while it lasts, usually about three or four months. We know it can be frustrating to fall in love with a coffee and then have it soon disappear, but think about how exciting it will be next year when its season rolls back around.

  • How should I store my coffee?

    Simply use the bag your coffee comes in, keeping it rolled up tightly and out of the sunlight. We encourage you to use your coffee within one month of the roast date and keep it away from the freezer. Every time you freeze your coffee a Madcap barista loses a tip.

  • How should I make my coffee at home?

    There are numerous ways to make coffee and no single way is correct. But here's some main pointers:
    1. Use filtered water. Water makes up 90% of your final product, so water quality plays a huge role.
    2. Make sure your water is between 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit. This is necessary to properly extract the awesome flavor.
    3. Grind coffee fresh right before brewing.
    4. Use roughly 10 grams of coffee for every 5 ounces of water.
    5. Have fun and drink responsibly!

  • Who do I contact with questions regarding my online order?