Lucas Melo - A Coffee That Stops Time

Posted by Ryan Knapp

There are a few coffees that, when I taste them for the first time, everything slows down until, eventually, time stops for a moment as the flavor and sensation takes over everything else. It’s in that moment where everything is perfect and I remember, “this is why we drink coffee."

It was September of 2014, at the Cup of Excellence (CoE) in Colombia when I first tasted Lucas Melo’s coffee. Time came to a complete halt. Melo’s coffee is one of the sweetest coffees around, not just in Colombia, but in the world. The sweetness is filled with exotic tropical fruits, then layered in panela as the vibrant coffee dances on the tongue. In that year, out of nearly 800 entries, Lucas Melo took 2nd place at the Cup of Excellence competition after finishing 3rd two years prior. We purchased part of his 2nd place lot and have been buying from him each season since. What’s been most impressive is that the 2014 CoE quality was no anomaly. Each year, the quality continues to be top tier and it rivals any coffee in the world.

Lucas Melo’s farm is in Tambo, Nariño in Southwest Colombia and his farm sits at the very high elevation of 2200 meters above sea level. The coffee is a blend of Caturra and Colombia varietals. Lucas harvests the coffee at peak ripeness, ferments and washes in ceramic tanks, and then dries it on tarps. The elevation and climate is great for consistent, controlled fermentation and the ceramic tanks also aid with temperature and cleanliness in the process.

There is very high demand for Lucas’ coffee all over the world so we pay top dollar to ensure that it is part of our menu. This year we've purchased twice as much as last year, and expect to have his coffee on the menu into the Spring. This is our first release of 4 new coffees from Colombia this month. We hope you get a chance to taste this coffee from Lucas and have time stop, if only for a moment.


Ryan Knapp, Co-Founder/Director of Coffee