San Sebastian - Huila Colombia

Posted by Ryan Knapp

San Sebastian is a long-time favorite here at Madcap, and it has been a staple on our menu since 2011. San Sebastian is composed of coffee grown by farmers located outside of the town of La Plata, in the famous Colombian region of Huila. We partner with these farmers who deliver coffee that they cultivate, process, and dry themselves. Each lot is individually tasted and sorted by quality. We pay a premium for our favorite lots to build a customized flavor profile for our Madcap San Sebastian.

The producers that we work with for San Sebastian own tiny plots of land that they both live and work on. While almost all of the farmers grow fruits and vegetables, and many have animals, coffee is the main source of income for these farmers. This area of Huila has prime environment for delicious coffee, with high elevations, plenty of consistent rainfall, and cool temperatures. However, the true magic reveals itself in each farmer’s craftsmanship, and the difference between average or inspiring coffee comes down to the diligence and commitment of these farmers.

San Sebastian is known to be a crowd-pleaser. With its notes of milk chocolate, cherry, citrus, and subtle jasmine, there are few coffee drinkers that don’t love this beautifully balanced coffee. San Sebastian is a lovely expression of flavor from Huila, Colombia.